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NAiS Products

Your next step in bathroom Hygiene from Matsushita Electric Works, Ltd.

NAiS Model CH 631

Twin Nozzles, Anti-Slam Lid, Heated Seat, Nozzle Self-Cleaning System, Oscillating Action, Safety Sensor. Without Dryer and Deodorizer

"The best cleansing action!!"

available in regular and elongated type.

Model No.: CH631S1: Regular type. CH 631S2: Elongated type

Oscillation Action

Oscillation Action means that the warm water jet, which is filled out with air bubbles to give it the required volume, sways very slightly from side to side as it washes to ensure complete cleansing.

Hygienic Twin Nozzles

The system offers a choice of two warm water jets with hygienically separate nozzles: one for general use and one specially for feminine hygiene. Nozzle position and jet angle are designed to ensure accuracy and convenience. Nozzles retract while not in use.

Anti-Slam Lid and Heated Seat

Tip the lid and it closes smoothly and gradually. Even if you knock it accidentally, it doesn't slam shut. The seat has the same gentle-close mechanism. The seat has an optional heating function which maintains the temperature of your choice.

Model CH 72 with Dryer and Deodorizer

Natural Water Cleansing:

cleansing with a gentle spray of warm water.

Two separate nozzles with self cleaning.

Heated seat

Quick drying with a warm air flow

Automatic deodorant mechanism:

deodorizer turns on when you sit on the seat, removing unwanted odors. Remains on for 1 minute after use.

For comfort Ideal comfortable seat design Cover and seat shut slowly and quietly Switches operate only with user seated.

available in regular and elongated type.

CH 72 Model with Dryer and Auto Deodorizer
CH72S1: Regular type. CH72S2: Elongated type

CH 631

Can be installed on almost any toilet in which dimensions A,B,C, in the diagram above match those given below:

A: 12.2" or more
B: 12.2" more (if room has wall pipe)
C: 6" or more

NAiS CH 631 model available in two sizes

Regular Type :

19 1/2" (W) x 7 1/4" (H) x 20 3/32" (L)

[ 495 (W) x 184 (H) x 510 (L) mm]

Elongated Type :

19 1/2" (W) x 7 1/4" (H) x 21 1/16" (L)

[495 (W) x 184 (H) x 535 (L) mm]

Seat Size

NAiS CH 631 model fits both One Piece and Two Piece Toilets.

One Piece Toilet

is a toilet sculpted into a seamless unit. The result is a sleek toilet with no crevices between the tank and bowl.

Two Piece

Toilets require a separate tank and bowl which are bolted together upon installation.

NAiS CH 72 unit
cannot be used with a one-piece toilet.

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