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Public Service Bulletin
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Attachment for Toilets

CTX Retracted
CTX Extended

Hydrogiene Corporation Products, including Model CTX are not approved by any Plumbing Code in any of the 50 United States of America (as required by Law) for direct connection to any Public Utility Municipal Sanitary Potable Drinking Water Supply System, without an approved Vacuum Breaker, (or other approved anti-siphon backflow protection device if permitted) and installed by a duly licensed plumber, in full compliance with that local area's Building and Plumbing Codes, Statutes and Laws and approved by the local area's Building Department's Plumbing Inspector Code Enforcement Officer.

Installation of Hydrogiene Corporation's Products to any Toilet, Plumbing Fixture, or Commode Chair directly connected to any Public Utility - Municipal Sanitary Potable Drinking Water Supply System without an approved Vacuum Breaker (or other approved anti-siphon backflow protection device if permitted), IS ILLEGAL, could be dangerous and cause direct transmission of potentially Deadly (Urine and Feces infected) H I V-A I DS, E-Coli, Typhoid and or other life-threatening contamination of the Public Utility - Municipal Sanitary Potable Drinking Water Supply System. For verification and confirmation about the foregoing please Telephone, Write and or Visit the local area Health Department and Building Department's Plumbing Inspector, and inquire about the requirements for installation of any Bidet, or similar products, with a submerged water spout (shower spray) outlet.


















































October 30, 1987


Bidet Manufacturers Association International
Box #2121
Hollywood, Florida

Attention: Arnold Cohen

Dear Mr. Cohen:


I wish to acknowledge receipt of your October 15, 1987 letter and enclosure of documents therewith. The Exchange appreciates your concern that the shareholders of Morning Star Resources Limited be protected against unscrupulous wheeler-dealer swindlers, which appears to motivate your contact with the Exchange.

As you are aware, Morning Star Resources Limited has submitted to the Exchange for its acceptance a proposal to acquire all of the issued and outstanding shares of Aqua Aire as announced in a preliminary disclosure document.

The Exchange expects that management of Morning Star Resources Limited will conduct sufficient enquiries or investigations as part of its due diligence procedure to determine exactly what it is acquiring from Aqua Aire and from Mr. Umann. Upon submission of formal documentation to the Exchange relative to the acquisition of Aqua Aire, the Exchange will undoubtedly review same to assure that its disclosure requirements have been met.

In the interim, we are comforted somewhat by the fact that management at Morning Star Resources Limited has been put on notice in respect of your comments and allegations.

As you may appreciate, the Exchange is not in a position to decide issues of ownership or entitlement to patents copyright, license, and other proprietary questions surrounding products which may be vended in to our listed companies. there does not appear to be at this time a clear and convincing situation which suggests that Morning Star Resources Limited may be a victim or may e a party to the scam which









December 18, 1987


Mr. Arnold Cohen, Founder
Bidet Manufacturers Association International
P.O. Box 2121
Hollywood, Florida 33022

Dear Mr. Cohen,

Thank you for your letter of November 30, 1987 regarding Aqua- Aire. I just received the packet today and I wanted to respond promptly.

Although I have not had an opportunity to review all of the material it does appear that we have a less than honorable tenant in our building. This information is extremely important to us as they have fallen behind on the rent and we are now in the process of evicting them. I also want to commend you for taking it upon yourself to do your share to protect the public against possible abuses of everyone by unethical business people. I follow that practice myself even though at times it costs us money to do so. It seems that we have a kindred spirit.

Thank you again for your information.







For more information, you are welcome to communicate with:

TELEPHONE: 1 877 4 BIDETS = 1 877 424 3387.
ADDRESS: P. O. BOX 2121 Hollywood, Florida 33022 - 2121
Ing Water Supply System. For verification and


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U.S. Postal Service Mailing Address - P.O. Box - # 8 8 2 7 6
Los Angeles, California 90009 - USA
310 / 671-1111
Toll Free
877 / 981-1111

© Copyright American Bidet Products 1998. All rights Reserved



IRVINE, CA 92715

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that there is due and unpaid rent

required by the agreement under which you hold possession of the

above-described premises as follows: Rent of $4,285.00 ___per

month, due on the 1st ___day of each month, for the month(s) of

November & December, 1987_________________,

for a total of $8,570.00____.

WITHIN THREE (3) DAYS after service on you of this

Notice, you are hereby required to pay the above rent or to quit

and deliver up possession of the premises to the undersigned, or

the undersigned will file suit against you to recover possession

of the premises, rents, and damages as provided by law.

NOTICE IS ALSO GIVEN that the undersigned intends to

declare a forfeiture of the lame under which you hold possession of the premises.

DATED this 2nd day of December 1987.

TRICO RENTS, a General Partnership

Clarence J. Turner Landlord



you allege is being perpetrated by AQUA AIRE INTERNATIONAL INC. As a consequence, the Exchange is not prepared at this time to interrupt trading in the Company's shares.Nevertheless, the Exchange's market surveillance of trading of the Company's shares is more sensitized by reason of the situation. Furthermore, we believe that there has been local media coverage of this matter such that informed investors will take this background into consideration in determining whether to buy or sell the company's shares.

I expect that we shall be in further touch with you at a later date. Yours very truly,




Mr. Alfred T.M. Woo
October 15, 1987
Page Five

The Vancouver Stock Exchange must protect the investors and public from these unscrupulous wheeler-dealer swindlers!

Your attention in this matter if gratefully appreciated.

Very truly yours,


Arnold Cohen

Mr. Alfred T.M. Woo
October 15, 1987
Page Four

In addition, one of the letters of intent for so-called "pre- sales orders" for most of the 25,000 additional AQUA-AIRE Appliances, was prepared by and/or for Harry Umann, on the letter head of Harry Umann's Mexican son-in-law's company in Guadalajara, Mexico, and is a SHAM!

The August 6, 1987 INFORMATION STATEMENT, filed with the Vancouver Stock Exchange indicated that creditors have agreed to accept 800,000 shares of MORNING STAR RESOURCES stock in exchange for $411,000.00 (U.S.) of accrued indebtedness incurred by AQUA-AIRE INTERNATIONAL. Accepted accounting practices define such a financial condition as insolvency and defacto bankruptcy.


It is well known in the financial world of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, that the management of AQUA-AIRE INTERNATIONAL are frantically and desperately exploiting every alternative to procure additional financial resources from unsuspecting investors such as the others who have already been duped, conned, and defrauded in the MORNING STAR RESOURCES / AQUA-AIRE INTERNATIONAL international stock fraud, ripoff, and scam!


Harry Umann claims that he does NOT own any interest in AQUA-AIRE INTERNATIONAL or MORNING STAR RESOURCES and that he is only a full time consultant receiving $7,000.00 per month advance royalties--for a product admittedly NOT even tooled or manufactured as of this date.

Harry Umann's representations are incredible and OUTRAGEOUS. Harry Umann's is actually: (a) the founder of AQUA-AIRE INTERNATIONAL; (b) a beneficial owner with the largest single amount of shares issued in the name of his Mexican son-in-law, Eduardo Tatz, Guadalajara, Mexico; and (c) Chief Executive Officer.


It is incumbent upon the Vancouver Stock Exchange to immediately suspend trading of MORNING STAR RESOURCES stock on the Vancouver Stock Exchange. In addition, that the Vancouver Stock Exchange initiate a full investigation of this entire international stock fraud, ripoff, and scam!

Mr. Alfred T.M. Woo
October 15, 1987
Page Three

Virtually ALL the investors lost their money in ALL of Harry Umann's failed predecessor Bidet Wash and Dry Toilet Seat companies. The amounts lost by investors and creditors runs up into the millions of dollars to date!


The sole reason for Harry Umann's machinations attempting the "reverse buy out" of a "SHELL" company listed on the Canadian Stock Exchange is because the United States Security and Exchange Commission would NEVER permit Harry Umann to have another opportunity to defraud investors in a publically held company in the United States!


There are already more than 30 well-established companies world-wide that manufacture Bidet Wash and Dry Toilet Seat Appliances directly competitive to Harry Umann's (AQUA-AIRE INTERNATIONAL assignee) purported patent protected Bidet Wash and Dry Toilet Seat appliances--which admittedly have NOT been tooled or manufactured as of this date.


Harry Umann and his group are preying on mostly Canadian investors who are ignorant and NOT informed about the existence of such competitive type products manufactured and marketed by other well-established promim[n]ent companies--world-wide!


I can personally attest to the fact that statements included in August 6, 1987 INFORMATION STATEMENT, filed with the Vancouver Stock Exchange by Michael Fletcher Senior, Senior Vice president of AQUA-AIRE INTERNATIONAL are FALSE, intentionally misleading, otherwise FRAUDULENT and submitted in bad faith!

Kevin Fletcher, Vice President of AQUA-AIRE INTERNATIONAL, has already ADMITTED publically that AQUA-AIRE INTERNATIONAL actually does NOT have purchase orders for 25,000 AQUA-AIRE appliances in the aggregate amount of FIVE MILLION DOLLARS U.S. ($5,000,000,000.00).

Mr. Alfred T.M.
Woo October 15, 1987
Page Two

Allegations included in the SPECIAL REPORT about MORNING STAR RESOURCES / AQUA-AIRE INTERNATIONAL'S false statements published in the company's full page advertisements in PENNY STOCK NEWS and the August 6, 1987 INFORMATION STATEMENT filed with the Vancouver Stock Exchange, as well as AQUA-AIRE INTERNATIONAL management--Harry Umann, Kevin Fletcher, Michael Fletcher, Robert Ehrlich, and others, during these interviews with Vancouver Province Business Reporter Mr. David Baines, and also PENNY STOCK NEWS Business Reporter Karen MacIsaac.

Both reporters David Baines and Karen MacIsaac have written news articles in their respective newspapers which included MORNING STAR RESOURCES / AQUA-AIRE INTERNATIONAL management ADMISSIONS about the subject FALSE and misleading statements published in the full page PENNY STOCK NEWS advertisements, August 6, 1987 INFORMATION STATEMENT, filed with the Vancouver Stock Exchange by Michael Fletcher and AQUA-AIRE INTERNATIONAL'S Business and Financial Plan, dated April 1987. Copies of both news articles are enclosed herewith for your reference.


In the business world, the name of the game is information! Accordingly, investors and the public have the right to know about the reputation and history of a person such as Harry Umann, who was the founder, beneficial owner, Chief Executive Officer, of 10 or more similar Bidet Wash and Dry Toilet Seat companies--ALL of which FAILED and are out of business.


Harry Umann's (AQUA-AIRE INTERNATIONAL assignee) letter patent(s) are WORTHLESS. There will NEVER be any basis in law or fact for any of Harry Umann's (AQUA-AIRE INTERNATIONAL assignee) letter patent(s) to provide a meritor[i]ous cause of action in any patent infringement suit to prevail against any other person or company desiring to manufacture and market competitive Bidet Wash and Dry Toilet Seat Appliances ANYWHERE in the world!

Three of Harry Umann's FAILED AND BANKRUPT predecessor Bidet Wash and Dry Toilet Seat companies were publically owned stock companies in the Untied States.


October 15, 1987

Mr. Alfred T.M. Woo
Vice President, Listings
Vancouver Stock Exchange
609 Granville Street
Vancouver, British Columbia
Canada V7Y lHl

Dear Mr. Woo:

Receipt of your September 25, 1987 letter is herewith acknowledged.

Thank you for your courteous and prompt reply. It appears that as so many other persons have been deceived and misguided by those involved with MORNING STAR RESOURCES / AQUA- AIRE INTERNATIONAL, I respectfully submit that such an attempt may have been perpetrated on you and/or your colleagues at the Vancouver Stock Exchange!

Please allow me to set the record straight:


Contrary to whatever may have been disclosed to you and/or the Vancouver Stock Exchange, there is NO civil litigation involving patent infringement, or any other cause of action, pending between Harry Umann, MORNING STAR RESOURCES / AQUA-AIRE INTERNATIONAL vs. ARNOLD COHEN, or his companies.


The sole purpose of disseminating the information disclosed in the SPECIAL REPORT about MORNING STAR RESOURCES / AQUA-AIRE INTERNATIONAL is to protect investors from a blatant international stock fraud, and alert the public about this ripoff and scam!

Mayor Tom Bradley
Page 2
January 6, 1988

Aqua-Aire has been in touch with our plumbing inspector and indicated that they would submit an application to our Mechanical Testing Laboratory to have their product evaluated for plumbing code requirements. The application has not been received yet. No information is available as to what direction they will go to obtain some type of electrical evaluation, either from our own Electrical Testing Laboratory, or from some other electrical testing laboratory approved by the city of Los Angeles, such as Underwriters Laboratories or Electrical Testing laboratories of New York. The Mechanical Testing Laboratory evaluation will require substantiation of the electrical evaluation.

I hope that the above information will be useful to you. Should you have any further questions, please call Jim Nishimoto of our staff at 485-3541.


Date: January 6, 1988

To: The Honorable Tom Bradley
Mayor, City of Los Angeles
Attn: Jeff Matsui, Executive Asst. to the Mayor

From: Warren O'Brien, Executive Officer
Department of Building and Safety


This is in response to information which you forwarded to this office from a Mr. Arnold Cohen, of the Bidet Manufacturer's Association. We have reviewed the information and have the following to report:

In his letter, Mr. Cohen refers to a bidet, being manufactured by Aqua-Aire International. Mr. Cohen petitions the City to recall and remove any of these products which have been sold or installed in Los Angeles City. Mr. Cohen cites health and safety reasons as to the basis of this action.

Products of this general type are attached to the toilet bowl. They are then connected to the domestic water and to an electrical supply. The potential health hazard is the possibility of contaminated water being syphoned back into the drinking water. The potential safety hazard is the possibility of electrical shock as well as fire and smoke hazard.

This product is advertised as being U.L. listed, however, my staff has checked and has been unable to find that the product is listed in U.L.'s certified product directory. If it has not been checked by U.L. as indicated, then it may not have been properly evaluated for its potential electrical shock hazard as well as fire and smoke hazard according to national standards. The product has also been advertised to meet plumbing standards throughout the world. To date, we have not established that this product meets the minimum requirements of the Los Angeles City Plumbing Code.

The Mechanical Testing Laboratory has a plumbing inspector who, on a regular basis, visits various locations throughout Los Angeles where plumbing products are sold to determine if the products being sold meet L.A. City Plumbing code requirements. This inspector has found several locations where this particular bidet product is being sold. an Order to Comply notice has been sent to Aqua-Aire to have their products removed from these sales locations. The products have since been removed from these sales locations. We have informed the manufacturer that until the product is properly evaluated and listed by testing and listing agencies approved by the city of Los Angeles to national standards, no further sales of their products would be allowed in the City of Los Angeles.

January 14, 1988

Mr.Arnold Cohen
Bidet Manufacturers Association
Post Office Box 2121
Hollywood, Florida 33022

Dear Mr. Cohen:

Thank you for your reporting letter the illegal sale and installation of "Aqua-Aire Wash and Dry Toilet Seat Appliances" and "Toto Washlet Wash and Dry Toilet Seat Appliances" by Aqua-Aire International.

Your letter was referred to the Department of Building and Safety for an investigation and report.

As the attached report indicates, the products have been removed from sale in Los Angeles. Should testing show the appliances to be a potential hazard, the matter will be immediately referred to the City Attorney's Office for appropriate action. Again, my appreciation for bringing this matter to my personal attention.



TB:lq Attachment

Mr. James D. Crosby, Esquire
Page Three
March 9, 2000

owners, principals, their families, friends, acquaintances, and insiders -- fleecing unsophisticated, unsuspecting and/or foolish investors!

There appears to be sufficient justification to believe that your client has "set up" the latest fraud, rip-off scam in the retrofit Bidet attachments for toilets' business!

All the recent hour-to-hour, day-to-day press releases by your client appears to be "hype" to lure, induce, and motivate investors to buy Hydrogiene Corporation's O.T.C. Securities Stock!

There is absolutely NOTHING unique about Hydrogiene Corporation's Products for dispensing cold water on a toilet.

There are probably more than fifty (50) other companies manufacturing competitive products, some of better quality at less than one-half (1/2) Hydrogiene Corporation's (M.S.R.P.) advertised prices--and which are approved and legal for installation!

Federal, State, and Municipal government regulatory agencies and news media are being requested to commence investigations about Hydrogiene Corporation's business operations and practices.

Please provide me with evidence to the contrary that any of the assertions included in this correspondence are incorrect and kindly advise me about your client's intentions with respect to the foregoing, so I may be governed accordingly -- thank you.

Very truly yours,


Arnold Cohen
P.O. Box # 2121 Hollywood, Florida 33022-2122

Telephone: 305 -- 688 -- 8880

Mr. James D. Crosby, Esquire
Page Two

March 9, 2000


The sale of a product which is illegal and/or in violation of law is a direct violation of Federal and State laws concerning unfair competition and/or unfair trade practices, but not limited thereto !

Demand is hereby made that Hydrogiene Corporation Immediately Cease and Desist from all further sales of Hydrogiene Corporation's Products--anywhere--those products are sold without an approved Vacuum Breaker and/or approved anti-siphon device and are not Plumbing Code approved for sale and/or installation!

Demand is hereby made for your client Hydrogiene Corporation to recall all Hydrogiene Corporation's Products sold and/or installed in violation of laws--such as sold without an approved vacuum Breaker or anti-siphon device and/or installed without Plumbing Code, Building Department, and/or governing regulatory agency official inspection and/or approval -- but not limited thereto!




Demand is hereby made for compensatory damages estimated to exceed One Million Dollars ($1,000,000.00) resulting from Hydrogiene Corporation's sale and/or installation of Hydrogiene Corporation's Products which are illegal.

The SEARS Home Health Care Catalog Features your client Hydrogiene Corporation's product for the price of $299.99 plus shipping charges, and states that the Hydrogiene system is NOT returnable.

Your client Hydrogiene Corporation's website the same products for a discounted price of only $99.00 -- that is $200.00 less than SEARS price !

SEARS reported March 8, 2000 that Hydrogiene Corporation's Products were discontinued for sale at SEARS and in the SEARS Home Health Care Catalog.

It appears that SEARS and unsuspecting SEARS Home Health Care Catalog customers have been defrauded and ripped off!

A.B.C. Television's "Good Morning America" featured a news report last week about companies that perpetrated fraudulent and dishonest practices to pump up the price of that Company's O.T.C. Securities Stock for the purpose of unjustly enriching the Company's



March 9, 2000

Getz & Crosby, LLP, Attorneys
12396 World Trade Drive, Suite 202
San Diego, California 92128

Attention: Mr. James D. Crosby, Esquire

Re: Hydrogiene Corporation


Thank you for your February 24, 2000 letter about your client Hydrogiene Corporation. In response:

1). There is absolutely and unequivocally NO Tradename Infringement !
2). There is absolutely and unequivocally NO misappropriating of your client's Tradename !
3). There is absolutely and unequivocally NO unfair competition and/or unfair Trade practices !
4). There is absolutely and unequivocally NO violation of Federal and State laws concerning Tradename Infringement, unfair competition and/or unfair trade practices !

The purpose of the "ORG" website link is to inform and alert the Public, Consumers, and Investors about important information, which gives cause for concerns and consideration!

According to the City of Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety - February 10, 2000 letter, your client Hydrogiene Corporation's products are NOT approved for sale and/or installation in Los Angeles, California.

In addition, that your client Hydrogiene Corporation's Products are in violation of Sections 602.1 and 603.0 of the State of California Plumbing Code 1998 edition!

It appears that your client Hydrogiene Corporation's products sold and/or installed without a Plumbing code approved Vacuum Breaker and/or anti-siphon device may endanger and contaminate the American Public's Drinking (potable) water supply systems and may cause a serious threat to the health and wellness of the people affected accordingly!